LOVE?! A Catastrophic 21st Century Guide on Relationships

“performed extraordinarily well”
“artistically designed”

West End Wilmaread full review here

“The progression and development of relationships is really clear and cleverly structured. The chemistry between all the couples is strongly present. Because of this I am invested in the story and build a strong desire for them each to find their own version of a happy ending.”
Ali Zayn


LOVE?! A Catastrophic 21st Century Guide on Relationships is a fast-paced comedy about six friends in a London flatshare. During a regular night at the club their lives and relationships are thrown into chaos. Intrigues and breakups shake the group as they struggle to correct their mistakes.

Contains adult themes and strong language. Suitable for ages 13+. Running time approx. 70 minutes.

Orla – Anna Montigue-Swan
Lizzy – Charlotte Tilley
Vic – Chloé Wipraechtiger
Emily – Lucy Hooper
Jo – Gio Palazzolo
Ben – Benjamin Gold
Leo – George Verghis
Tony – Wictor Koch (cover)
Becky – Patrizia Cavaliere
Chloé Wipreachtiger, writer
Wictor Koch, director
Tom Fines, asst. director and dramaturg
Dan Foster, technician
Sam De Santi, technician
Eleanor Parker, composer
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